Chasing The Person You Love


Many people complain that for the longest time, they have been chasing the wrong person in their life wondering whether they’ve been doing it totally the wrong way. But why this thing happens? When we tend to be attracted and chase people who don’t love us back and ignore those who adore us?


It’s a natural feeling for in this situation to feel shitty and not knowing what to do at all, especially if you have been chasing people you are attracted so much even how much desirable they are for you, still they can’t simply return the feelings that you have for them. There are also those who went all the way to begging and pleading for someone to also love them back, but unfortunately, it’s just not the case.

Be Specific

It’s easy to idolize someone or feel attracted to someone for so many reasons. However, what’s difficult is to feel connected with someone we love for a long period of time or simply, make the feeling last.


This happens because we were not so specific with what we want in life and from our partners. We don’t know how we deal with things that are beyond our control such as this because we weren’t clear enough with what we want in life and how much we need these.


If we know what we want from a partner instead of knowing what we don’t want, it will be a lot easier for us to find the right person we want to be in relationship with. Before into the dating game, spend some time reflecting on what you really want from a partner.


Instead of spending too much of your time listing the qualities that you don’t want from a prospect partner, use this effort to get bring into awareness some of the qualities that you want from a person that you want to spend your whole life with. You will use these qualities as a starting point when you go out there and meet people.


Don’t Settle For Less

Now that you have the list of qualities and attributes that you want from a prospect partner, you use these as a guide when dating. Although it’s pretty impossible to have all the qualities you have listed on one guy, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find one what possess these qualities.


Just because you’re having difficulty finding a real person possessing at least some of these qualities, don’t even try to think that you can settle for what’s available at the moment. It is true that finding a person who has most of the qualities you desire from a partner, but don’t let this hinder you in achieving your dream partner because if you give in to this, you will surely lose.


Dating and finding the right person for you whom you can spend your whole life with should be a fun experience. It should be as fun experience as possible and it doesn’t have to be that hard if you just know what you are doing.


Attracting The ‘Right’ One


What people in dating have in common is their desire to find not only ‘the one’ but also the ‘right’ one. But before anything else, let’s admit it, even finding someone who somehow matches our expectations from a partner can be a daunting task, more so finding the right one for us.


But despite the fact it’s ultimately difficult, it’s not impossible to actually find the right person for us. While it is a fact that most people would end up with people whom they really don’t want in the first place, it’s not an excuse not to find the right one for you. It’s just a question of how much you want it and how much you’re willing to do what it takes just to find the right one.

Know What You Want

The problem with most people is that they have too high standards about their ideal partner but can’t pin point the exact qualities that make up this ideal someone. A lot of people have stringent standard about their ideal partner but can’t even identify what are these qualities that they really want from that person.


When you know what you want like the specific quality, physical attribute or features, interests, personality, and other qualities of the person you are aspiring to find, your search will be much easier and you will avoid ending up with the wrong person. It is in knowing what you want that you will have a much clearer director and objective of what is it that you truly desire in life.

Don’t Limit Yourself

While it pays to know exactly what type of person you want to date or meet, this does not mean that you will limit yourself with these qualifications or criteria you have in mind. Knowing what you want only means that you have a specific idea of the person that you think, can make you happy. This does not mean that you will contain your search for that person solely based on that criteria.


You are also limiting your chances to meet other women that can actually be a good match or a life partner who don’t really qualify your criteria but you know are those type of women whom you can spend your life with. Also, relying on the physical attributes of a potential partner as a screening approach to gauge potential life partner can be self defeating. Although there’s nothing wrong with going after the person whom you can spend your life with the kind of criteria you have in mind, sticking to these qualification so to speak can limit your probability of finding a real catch.